I’m Christo. I enjoy working on technical projects that help make sense of things and equip people to deliver better results.

I’ve played a leading role in organizations that network creative people on a mission.

Active Projects
Cycling is a global community of creative makers, publishers, event producers, and athletes. Active Projects is a social commerce app to connect this community and help cyclists of all abilities to get equipped for their next cycling adventure. I’m serving as co-founder and technical lead.

[React.js] [Node.js] [mongoDB] [Tailwind CSS] [AWS] [Python] [Github]

The Red Balloon Company / BalloonPlanet.com
The best balloon designers use BalloonPlanet to retail their party balloon delivery and decorating services to businesses and consumers. I served as a growth marketing and technical operations manager improving business processes to grow sales and delivery capacity.

[PHP] [Laravel] [MySQL] [Apache] [Javascript] [Sendgrid] [Twilio] [AWS] [Tableau] [Zendesk] [Google Analytics] [Google Ads] [MS Ads]

Global Grand Central
The results of grant-funded cultural work too often rests in the dark of the funder’s archive. Formerly Europe Grand Central, Global Grand Central was an EU-funded project to connect independent cultural organizations and artists. I served as a workshop facilitator, web developer, and researcher developing the content management system and producing the project research report.

[Wordpress] [PHP] [d3.js] [Github]

My work crosses a few boundaries.

Post your border story through the Bordr app.

With every check-in and tag, phones and social networks emphasize places. I was curious – how would phones influence our perception of in-between places. Bordr was an app to track and compare the experience of everyday and national borders. What started as my master’s thesis became a series of workshops and exhibitions.

[PHP] [MySQL] [Javascript] [d3.js]

Performance as method of creative inquiry of borders at Kurskaya train station.

Invisible Borders
A workshop about “borders” in the city and location-based social network analysis of urban boundaries. I served as the workshop facilitator for this session held at Strelka Institute in Moscow.

I write about memory, technology, and civic engagement.

Noise of Memory
My monthly newsletter subscription on memory, technology, and the city.

Partizaning's community mailboxes solicit a low tech platform for solving local problems

Civic Engagement through DIY Urbanism and Collective Networked Action
I was co-author on this article published in Article in Planning Practice & Research
Volume 30, 2015 – Issue 3

Materiality of Deletion
Essay in MAS Context, Surveillance, 2014

I explore ways we might try understand the city and our agency in it by creating experiences of open civic data.

Petitioning platforms generally divorce ideas from civic context. I developed Speeqr to conceptualize a petitioning system that seeks to reconnect ideas with the appropriate political jurisdiction.

[React.js] [MongoDB] [Node.js]

A Twitter bot that coordinates weekly mini-occupy movements to draw attention to different privately-owned public space in New York City.

Noise City Radio
How do you fix noise to a place? I developed this web app to provide an aural experience of noise complaints landscape. Simply walk to tune the station.

graff/it/i nyc
A web app to show and document nearby graffiti removal requests.

I really like my neighborhood and seek ways to help out.

Columbia City BIA
Serving as Treasurer for a Seattle neighborhood business improvement area, I’ve helped support financial operations and communications. This includes development of a web presence prototype.

[Next.js] [Tailwind CSS]

columbia city seattle network analysis

Connecting the Neighborhood
How is a changing neighbor hood connected? Using Netvizz, I created a network analysis of connections between members of the Columbia City Seattle Facebook Group, a group I co-created that has over 7k members.

And I’ve made a few videos.

video production work
video editing and informational video effects producer

Are you looking help with your project? Let’s talk. I’m available for project-based engagements.