Global Grand Central

Global Grand Central was a European Union-funded project to connect six independent cultural centers across Europe with a platform to exchange cultural projects. The objective was to strengthen pan-European connections through a shared-learning approach to cultural activity and audience development.

My role and responsibilities:

  • Scope technical needs and expenses for the EU-funding application.
  • Conduct design workshops with member organizations and drive implementation of a project-sharing platform.
  • Maintain and present outcomes through publication and presentation.

In collaboration with the project lead, I facilitated planning and progress workshops in cities around Europe. Partnering with European-based designers and WordPress theme developers, I drove the project sharing application service from design to completion.

Process on this project can be followed on my series Notes from a Creative Europe Project.

In 2017, I presented the outcomes of the project and research on grant-funded cultural investments at The European Network on Cultural Management and Policy.

Paper: Mobilising networks through web-based archival practice.

Project Website: