urbanism and monumentality (3.3)

Monumental telecommunication infrastructure in contemporary urbanism affords a variety of stable, actionable pictures of the city advancing perceptions of individual agency.

the enigma of the urban ruins (3.2)

Sunnyside Gardens, Queens - (source: flickr user k_dellaquila)

At about 1300sqft, the dimension of the average home has remained remarkably constant throughout history. Could this have to do with home communications?

cities of the plain (3.1)

Sometimes cats show up in the comparison or battle between cities. (Image from Library of Congress, Copyright 1907 by Keppler & Schwarzmann)

Cities of the Plain is a name that Mumford uses to point to the origins of the city, but is also commonly used to refer to Sodom and Gomorrah.

law and urban order (2.4)

Temple upon the Niagara Frontier.

Niagara Falls is Toronto’s Coney Island. Where Rem Koolhaas described Coney Island as the appendage of New York City, a Manhattan in miniature, Niagara Falls is the flaccid member of the City of Toronto and even Southwestern Ontario. The Falls swell during the day to impress the throngs of tourists that flock to its frothy… Continue reading law and urban order (2.4)

anxiety, sacrifice, and aggression (2.3)

9-11 Shipping Container Memorial

“No matter how many valuable functions the city has furthered, it has also served, throughout most of its history, as a container of organized violence and a transmitter of war.” With my graduate studies completed, I’m coming back to my little project here of posting something regularly in response to the chapter headings and content… Continue reading anxiety, sacrifice, and aggression (2.3)