A petitioning system built with React.js, Node.js, mongoDB, and deployed with Railway.

Our conversation is the problem

We’re having a hard time hearing each other out. Social networks fragment us into like-minded bubbles and political speech prosecutes instead of persuades. As a result, it is more difficult to build bridges to solve urgent social, economic, and political issues at the local, national, and transnational level.

Speeqr is a novel petitioning system for driving trans-partisan dialogue on policy, design of realistic political platforms, and for sourcing political candidates with solid, community-validated ideas for better governance.

Speeqr is a play on the Roman acronym SPQR which stood for Senatus Populusque Romanus or the Senate and the People of Rome. It was an emblem representing the country and as Mary Beard describes in her book by the same title, SPQR at times represented experiments in political organization that we still find fascinating today.  

Speeqr also refers to the word speaker which in representative democracies acknowledges the role of the voice in politics – of giving voice, accommodating voices, of speaking up and being heard.

The proposals on Speeqr are not only original – made by citizens that would like to see change – but also documentation of the proposals made by elected officials and candidates for office.

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Proposals are contextualized to the appropriate jurisdiction and if place-based can be tagged on a map. Supporters of a proposal are members of the jurisdiction whether at the federal, state, or local county or town level.
Anyone on the platform can express interest in running for office and those that are running for office are encouraged to specify proposals that articulate their priorities.