The Red Balloon Company / BalloonPlanet is the leading national balloon delivery and decorating e-commerce retailer in the US and Canada serving over 100 vendors with online retail sales and order management. Corporate clients for decorating services include many Fortune 500 companies.

My role and responsibilities:

  • System administration, application development, and technical support of the custom-built multivendor e-commerce web application.
  • Hire, manage and train sales and support staff serving retail clients and vendors by phone, email, and chat.
  • Marketing planning, management, and technical integration including search engine, social media, email, and display and remarketing.
  • Financial planning, reporting, and business development

Achieved a 19% increase in conversion rates by driving modernization of a legacy web application in collaboration with contract software developers and by using quantitative and qualitative methodologies for scoping retail client and vendor needs. Methods included one-on-one interviews, screen recording analysis (Hotjar/Clarity), and A/B testing features (Google Analytics).

Achieved a 4.8/5 rating on Google Customer Reviews by assembling a fully virtual, multi-channel contact center, staffing for main hours of operation using Zendesk, Amazon Connect, and Slack. Includes experience creating custom integrations with our shopping cart to improve customer service.

Achieved a 800% ROAS on a 500k+ annual search and product marketing budget by planning, integrating tracking, and tuning performance of ad spend on Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. Marketing experience includes work integrating our product feed with Google Merchant Center and Bing.

Drove compliance and financial operations achievements, including sales tax compliance (integrated TaxJar), PCI compliance, modernized vendor payments, coordinated audit response with our accountants, and pursue funding (incl. PPP). Investigated and prevented credit card fraud with code I wrote to automate review of incoming orders.

Advised executive team on overall performance of operations using business intelligence techniques (incl. QBO, SQL queries for reports, and action-oriented data visualization using Tableau).

Oversee financial operations, including sales tax compliance (integrated TaxJar), PCI compliance, vendor payments, audit response, help accountants respond to audits, and pursue Covid relief funding (incl. PPP). Prevented credit card fraud with tools I developed to automate review of incoming orders.

In response to the pandemic, I established a BOPIS strategy and added a 13% revenue stream to retail sales for The Red Balloon Company by migrating the POS to Square and developed a feed to add to Google Shopping and Google Ads.

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