Borders are everywhere and we cross them every day. Bordr is an app for sharing border stories. Users are invited to share experiences of crossing political or metaphorical borders. As a database of borders, the app compares your border crossing experiences with others and tracks how those perceptions change over time.

Bordr started as “Project Borders”, a graduate studies project at The New School under the thesis supervision of Christiane Paul and in design collaboration with Marcus Haraldsson. The photos, stories, and experiences shared were published online and showcased in gallery exhibitions.

Bordr was exhibited along with other methodologies for investigating borders at the following venues and events:

  • 2015, What border have you crossed?, Queens Museum, United States
  • 2013, Project Borders Vision Exhibit, Steneby Konsthall, Sweden
  • 2013, Project Borders for Not Quite Why?, Not Quite, Fengersfors, Sweden
  • 2012-2013, Project Borders, Arbetets Museum, Norrkoping, Sweden

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