this is christo

I am a software developer interested in the ways mobile technology shapes our sense of agency and belonging within the city. Most recently I have worked on the following projects: is an online retailer of balloon delivery and decorating services across North America. I managed and supported software development, customer service staffing and management, marketing operations, vendor relations and development, and financial operations and compliance. At a small growing firm, I’m not afraid to wear a few hats.

Bordr is about interfacing artists, cultural operators, and audiences across contexts to change perceptions of local and geopolitical borders. Project Borders took shape as a series of camera-lending projects in Southern Africa, United States, and Jordan. It travelled as a series of digital installation exhibitions in Sweden and the United States. It has since evolved into a feature for sharing experiences of borders on Global Grand Central.

Sudo — Studio for Creative Research is a studio for work at the intersection of art, design, technology, and urbanism. With meetups, workshops, and a mini-residency program, I aim to attract local and international artists and thinkers with the charge of engaging and supporting DIY culture, critical design of communication technology, smarter citizens in the smart city, and alternative forms of representation and exchange.

twitter: @sudocity

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