this is christo

I am a web applications designer and developer interested in the ways technology shapes our sense of agency and belonging and how it can be used to support networks of industry and action. Most recently I have worked on the following projects: is an online retailer of balloon delivery and decorating services across North America. I managed and supported software development, customer service staffing and management, marketing operations, vendor relations and development, and financial operations and compliance. At a small growing firm, I’m not afraid to wear a few hats.

Bordr is an app for sharing and comparing experiences crossing geopolitical borders. It took shape as a series of camera-lending projects in Southern Africa, United States, and Jordan. It then travelled as a series of digital installation exhibitions in Sweden and the United States. Finally, it became a feature for sharing experiences of borders on Global Grand Central, an EU-funded project.

Currently working on

  • built using in Next, React, Redux, Node, and MongoDB.
  • Volunteering as co-treasurer on the PTA of my kids’ elementary school and as the secretary of the Columbia City Business Improvement Area

twitter: @christodeklerk

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