participatory city


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graff/it/i is about mapping and retracing the city’s process of graffiti removal. The project took the form of a web app. graff/it/i maps walking routes out of the city’s open data of graffiti removal locations. These walking routes are mapped out by the date of removal, giving the urban explorer/researcher a trace by which to evaluate the efficacy of graffiti removal as a quality of life issue. The project also involved visualizing the graffiti logged and removed from New York City streets.


noise city radio

mobile web app | documentation

Noise City Radio is about tuning into and experiencing the agitated public sphere. The project is a web app that combines the user’s geolocation with the city’s open data of noise complaints. The user experiences the 191 thousand complaints and 30+ noise complaint categories as little pirate radio’s broadcasting the noise as they walk through the city.