“when we asked people what they do “when someone disagrees with you about religion,” just 10% of evangelicals say they “try to persuade the person to change their mind.” The vast majority of evangelical Protestants (70%) try to “understand the person’s beliefs and agree to disagree,” while about one-in-six (18%) say they “avoid discussing religion with the person” altogether.” – Many Americans don’t argue about religion – or even talk about it | Pew Research Center

“World Christianity, too, is being transformed. Projected to hold steady as a portion of the global population (which will require 750 million more believers by 2050), Christianity will continue increasingly to make its home in the Southern Hemisphere, and especially sub-Saharan Africa, where almost 40 percent of Christians will live in 2050. By then barely a quarter of world Christians will be found in Europe and North America combined.” – While West grows secular, the world gets religion –

“Lord rebuke you for giving you that power and you abusing it.” I don’t know what happened before or after this, but the arrest-resist or police-resist video is a genre and the words exchanged in them are tense, immediate with implications for police accountability and bound to influence public opinion. The invocation of God is one of several strong appeals made to the officers in this video. The appeal to personal sacrifice (his service to military), appeal to patriotism (his nationality as an american), and an appeal to humanity (“you’re a man behind that badge”), these all assign agency to the officers. The appeal to God, however, disavows the officers’ agency, a kind of curse. I’m not sure where to go with this idea yet, but the presence of religious discourse in a video-recorded and in the heat of the moment challenge to power seems like something new or unique. It doesn’t justify violence in producing security – this isn’t militant radicalism. Rather – and it will be helpful to collect more of these kinds of videos – it appears to aim for justification in the recorded medium.