“Mr. Klein, hoping to avoid incrementalism — “the biggest source of waste is everything the journalist has written before today,” he said — instead wants his journalists responsible for constantly updating pages that are the ultimate resource on a topic. “It would be like a wiki page written by one person with a little attitude,” explained Ms. Bell.

To help accomplish this, the developers have been building a tool they call the card stack. The cards, trimmed in brilliant canary yellow, contain definitions of essential terms that a reader can turn to if they require more context. For example, a story updating the battle over the Affordable Care Act might include cards explaining the term “insurance exchange.”” – Vox Takes Melding of Journalism and Technology to a New Level –

“Elsevier, though? You can’t find a gaffe too big for them to try on. Jack up journal prices so high that even the best-endowed university in the country can’t afford them? Check. Publish fake journals that turn out to have been sponsored by pharmaceutical companies? Check. Buy up the start-ups that threaten your business model and use all the data that was freely submitted by its users for your own ends? Oh, check, check, check.” –