While a politics of ethno-racial identity have roared into the mainstream of both the Democratic and Republican parties, this parallelism by no means entails moral equivalence. For one side the goal is to complete the march through the institutions in order to end the four-centuries-long legacy of white supremacy. For the other it is about a last-ditch defense of the longstanding privileges associated with that history. What the collapse of racial liberalism means is that Americans of every race no longer can defer the choice between those two visions of the country’s racial future.

Source: The Collapse of Racial Liberalism – The American Interest

“Jason Hill, professor of philosophy at the College of Liberal Art and Social Sciences at DePaul University, has coined the term “the right to forget where one is from”. In his book Becoming a Cosmopolitan: What it Means to be a Human Being in the New Millennium, he suggested that embracing forgetfulness “dispenses with the attachment that makes difficult the resocialization of self and values warranted by any attempt at radical self-transformation”. Paradoxically, then, it might well be that the only way to belong, to heed the call of becoming, is to “unbelong”, to forget where you came from.” – An Atlas of the Clouds

“Every phone in every pocket contains a “picture of ourselves,” and we must ascertain what that picture is and whether we should wish to resist it.” – Among the Disrupted