Newark has citizen clergy: “residents who agree to take classes on public safety and conflict prevention, who are then called in to assist in volatile situations. They helped to ensure that the city’s protests against racism and police brutality remained peaceful”

“Attempts at regeneration through “landmark” cultural buildings have in the past foundered, but there is every chance that canny Manchester will be successful in running its new Factory. Yet, in the end, a city’s commitment to culture is more to be welcomed as a way of building community, as a repository for shared memories and as a fund of personal enrichment, than as a replacement for cotton mills.” – The Guardian view on Manchester’s new cultural space: from one kind of factory to another | Editorial

“group clustering (the odds that your friends mutually know one another) does not change with city size. It seems that even in large cities we tend to build tightly knit communities, or ‘villages,’ around ourselves. There is an important difference, though: if in a real village our connections might simply be defined by proximity, in a large city we can elect a community based on any number of factors, from affinity to interest to sexual preference.” – The Urban Village