“News reports have indicated that thousands of residents have reported seeing the mysterious floating city high above Foshan, located in the Guangdong province of China. Then, only days later, people in Jiangxi were recording the same phenomenon.

Many theories have surfaced to explain the phenomenon, including a theory that NASA is beginning the Blue Beam Project that will use holographs to produce images of UFOs, as well as the second coming of Christ to institute a new world order, according to IntelliHub.” – ‘Floating City’ Recoded High Above China Leads To Theories Of Parallel Universe

“De-fanged by the sickly nostalgia of the new urbanists and the seductive sales patter of the postmodernist forces of ‘regeneration’, our urban discourse has settled into a cosy agreement that all we can and should do with the city is ameliorate and prettify. The consensus disdains intensity and drama, and obsesses about detail and paving and planting. Heavy infrastructure must be ignored, screened or removed. The human scale is venerated above all else.” – The chaos and tangled energy of living cities – Will Wiles – Aeon

“group clustering (the odds that your friends mutually know one another) does not change with city size. It seems that even in large cities we tend to build tightly knit communities, or ‘villages,’ around ourselves. There is an important difference, though: if in a real village our connections might simply be defined by proximity, in a large city we can elect a community based on any number of factors, from affinity to interest to sexual preference.” – The Urban Village