“We color to feel like children again, and to flex creative muscles, but as Jenefsky says, the truth is that children are actually so creative that coloring books slow them down. “For children a lot of times coloring books can inhibit their creativity,” she says. Their natural creativity, she says, lends itself better to creating art from scratch.” – America’s obsession with adult coloring is a cry for help

“Failure is one mechanism by which the arts move forward — just as it is in science. Not every artist can make a masterpiece, yet it’s the experiments that quietly stumble forward that lead to them. There’s an altogether more generous view of pretentiousness that understands the gap between expectation and actuality as a productive necessity rather than a flaw.” – Black Berets Unite: In Praise of Pretentiousness – The Millions

“Many interesting artists and activists these days are working on making things visible. They give hidden but important things shapes that we can see. Seeing, we can discuss. Paul Graham Raven described this engagement with infrastructure, “Don’t think outside the box. Think about the box.”” – Metafoundry 35: Dilution of Precision

“Contrary to popular belief—especially in the worlds of art and architecture—forms of common space or social space are not actually nonexistent, and are therefore not in constant need of invention. They have, however, been obscured from view in order to be appropriated.” – Life Always Escapes : Céline Condorelli

“Avant-gardes … are always interesting, but they are not really about art, whatever some silly art school textbooks might say. Avant-gardes are about media, about social relations, about property-forms, but they are only ever incidentally or tactically concerned with art. The most interesting ones around at the moment might be about pharmacology or horticulture or even ‘business models’.” – McKenzie Wark | Information-Commodification