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rincon georgia map boundary

rincon georgia map boundary

According to the city’s FAQ, Rincon Georgia is aggressively annexing surrounding land to “protect the county from the future advancing of the city limits of Savannah and Port Wentworth, into Effingham County.” So for a brief period, behold the wonderfully incidental form produced by municipal land acquisition.

“Lord rebuke you for giving you that power and you abusing it.” I don’t know what happened before or after this, but the arrest-resist or police-resist video is a genre and the words exchanged in them are tense, immediate with implications for police accountability and bound to influence public opinion. The invocation of God is one of several strong appeals made to the officers in this video. The appeal to personal sacrifice (his service to military), appeal to patriotism (his nationality as an american), and an appeal to humanity (“you’re a man behind that badge”), these all assign agency to the officers. The appeal to God, however, disavows the officers’ agency, a kind of curse. I’m not sure where to go with this idea yet, but the presence of religious discourse in a video-recorded and in the heat of the moment challenge to power seems like something new or unique. It doesn’t justify violence in producing security – this isn’t militant radicalism. Rather – and it will be helpful to collect more of these kinds of videos – it appears to aim for justification in the recorded medium.

“Academics will learn that putting data online is not enough; the work should be carefully documented if allegations of impropriety are to be avoided. And the FT will sell a lot of copies of today’s paper, demonstrating that careful data analysis can be good for business.” –

“Follow Bias includes a basic recommendation engine, suggesting women other users recommend I follow, and alerting me that I’d need to follow 93 women to raise my personal statistics by 5%. It’s not hard to imagine a version of the tool that’s expanded so it helps you see and address geographic or other biases in who you’re paying attention to on Twitter.

// should be called: craft bias. More about shaping your bias.” –

“In the same way that the heart does not care which life it beats for, the city does not care who fulfills its various functions. When everyone who moves around the city today is dead … the sound of people’s comings and goings, following the same old patterns, will still ring out. The only new thing will be the faces.” – Karl Ove Knausgaard is Your Favorite Author’s Favorite Author