Starting 2020 by trying to leave my computer at work as much as possible. So far I’ve found time in the morning and evening, after the kids have gone to bed, has slowed dramatically. I’m reading more, wandering around the house, listening to the rain, the taps of the trees against things in the dark, and right now I’m also hearing a lot of sirens in the distance.

Boredom’s want of reflection and distraction from fear of another basement leak, appears to resolve in a discovery that an old Bluetooth keyboard I have really does connect with my phone. Hey, now I can write and right without ink and paper or the distraction of my computer.

Went for a walk with a friend yesterday afternoon in our shared neighborhood. Ambled down long pedestrian ramps and stairways that sneak between homes, trekked to Adams Street and Lake Washington Blvd to see the stranded boat – rumored to be homeless housing, and finally searched for the Eruv – finding the mysterious suspended line somewhere between S Ferdinand and S Angeline.

Inside, outside, private domain, public domain. Crisp air and sunshine. The present tense is pleasant and tense. These cut-through stairways are great, but sure wish they were better maintained and sure feel safer walking them with a friend. A beached boat as homeless housing is an interesting tilt to the Seattle housing crisis – cue the tourists. An aerial line, spun for spiritual purposes and that envelope a neighborhood is a rare, delightful feature in a city. It is surely a creative form of place-making, compelling me to defend my delight in it against the idea that it is but a legalistic reading and response to God’s love.

Where are we at? Where’s the big red pin on the map? Here we are. Inside the lines, carrying on, looking for signs.